Here Are the Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Here Are the Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

(ii) $20 Million- The Luxury Bridal Show Cake

Every year, Beverly Hills’ bridal show gets more sophisticated, and the cake is one of the focal points of the show. In 2006 the bridal show commissioned La Patisserie Artistique designer, Nahid Parsa, to create a cake. Drawing from her architectural background, Parsa designed a five-tiered cake that incorporated her construction skills. At the top layer, she made use of thick white creamy frosting while lavishing the lower levels with significant ivory fondant. What made the cake worth $20 million was the incorporation of studded diamonds throughout the cake and gold flakes at the bottom of the cake. The creation by Nahid Parsa was a site that left the confectionary world stunned.

(iii) $1.3 Million- The Dallas Bridal Fair Cake

In 2010, the Dallas Bridal show displayed one of the most pricey cakes in wedding cake history. The $1.3 million cake, also known as the Luster Duster Cake, was created by Dallas’ Delicious Cake and featured nine tiers and had a weight of about 160 pounds. The bottom eight levels were ivory fondant coated and highlighted intricate detail of silver luster dust lines. The cake had 1200 diamonds lined all around the cake from the top to the bottom tier. A total of three hundred and twenty people ate the cake, meaning that the average price of one slice was about $3125.

(iv) $80,000- The Wedding Cake of Kate Middleton and Prince William

When it comes to weddings and wedding cakes, royal weddings have set the pace throughout history. The situation was no different during Prince William’s marriage to the beautiful Kate Midleton. Fiona Cams designed the masterpiece created for their royal wedding. It featured eight tiers decorated with twelve different flowers, each with a specific meaning to the two. Some of the flowers on the cake included the Irish Shamrock, Scottish Thistle, English Rose, and sugar lily. The Sugar lily had one of the most significant meanings symbolizing humility. The cake had nine hundred sugar-paste flowers and cost $80,000, twice the price of Prince William’s mother’s wedding cake.

(v) $40,000- The wedding cake of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was the most famous princess to have graced the history of the British Monarchy. There were a total of twenty-seven cakes at Princess Diana and Prince Charles; wedding reception. The centerpiece was a 5-feet tall cake designed by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cooking School. The total cost of the cake was $40,000. A few slices of the 1980 masterpiece have been preserved through the years and auctioned for as high as $2000 per slice.

(vi) $40,000- The Wedding cake of Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Liza Minelli’s wedding to David Gest was a big deal in celebrities’ social circles. Some of the attendees included Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. It comes as no surprise that her wedding cake came with a hefty price tag. The $40,000 black and white floral cake featured twelve tiers with silver-leafed stripes and edible red and purple accents.